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Thank you so much for getting back to me so fast and for addressing all of my inquiries. I would like the S&H fee to be charged to a different card. I have filled out the credit card authorization form and attached it below. Please let me know that you receive the form attached and confirmation, shipping, and any other info I will need for records as well as when to expect the battery. Thanks again for taking care of this for me!
- Nicole S. (09/11/17)
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Okay, Thanks. It's not a big deal to us... They're man made, stuff happens Over all we are ( The Kids ) very satisfied with all of the ATVs Guessing they have put around 50-75 hours on the first order since Christmas day.... Youngest daughter age 5 claimed the Mountain 125 yellow as hers and gives it all she can... Yells that she needs to be in the front cause she's faster=.=== Thanks again
- William M. (03/09/17)
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It finally arrived yesterday. Got it put together and it runs great! Thank you
- Rick W. (02/12/17)
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Order yours Online NOW!! If the color is showing as an available color to order (add to cart) then we should have it in stock! Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view additional pics and read everything as you go along, Hey, we took the time to write it, you could at least take the time to read it and it's also kind of important information) Smile

Want more than one delivered to the same address?

2 Scooters = $975 each!!........3 Scooters = $950 each!!  DELIVERED!!  WOW!!  (just place your order online and we will change the price for you before we charge your credit card)  

Remember every purchase from us includes:

  • Free Shipping with Free Residential Liftgate or Business Delivery with every purchase (watch out for others charging you more for this service)
  • Your unit started and tested by our mechanics here at our warehouse before it is sent to you!
  • Free MSO and Bill of Sale (paperwork needed for titling and registering)
  • Free technical support by phone or email
  • 1 year Engine warranty
  • Full parts availability
  • Discount Pricing & ROCK SOLID SERVICE
  • Warehouse Direct Savings - From Our Warehouse Floor to Your Front Door! (No middleman)
  • Reliable and Quality built units
  • Free PDI Guide (helpful first time start up guide written by our mechanics)


The SUPER 150 has upgraded sport tuned suspension and carb., with a Hi-Flow exhaust and air filter system giving this one a little more go on the low end!! Also upgraded is all of the wiring and components, spark plug, higher grade aluminum/alloy rims (and not steel rims, YUCK!! Alloy is a lot better and stronger, steel bends), and even upgraded the chassis!! You will NOT be disappointed!!

Most cars can only get around 25 miles per gallon, our Street Legal 200cc scooters surpass that with their 70 to 80 mpg range. These vehicles are much more aerodynamic, which means less drag, and results in wasting less fuel, and you know what that means... You're saving money all over the place. So they will more than pay for themselves within a few short months.

All of the Street Legal 200cc mopeds we carry have 4-stroke engines. This is an advantage in a number of ways. These models are much quieter than their 2-stroke counterparts, burn cleaner and waste less fuel, and last much longer. Driving a scooter with these types of engines will save you money on fuel and repairs, AND keep the environment much cleaner.

So Go On and ORDER NOW ONLINE, or message us, or call and talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives to learn more about our 200cc gas scooters for sale.

AS ALWAYS, FREE SHIPPING TO YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS!!! The price you see is the price you pay for delivery to your home or business anywhere in America!!

We do not ship or sell to Texas..



Engine type :

CVT, 4-stroke, Single Cylinder, Horizontal Type

Displacement :

149 ml

Cooling :

Force/Fan Air cooled

Max speed :

65+ mph (depending on rider weight and road conditions)

Ignition :


Starting system :

Electric with keys/kick start back up

Battery :


Engine oil :


Gear oil :


Maximum Power:8.3kw/8000rpm
Maximum Torque:11N.m/6000rpm


Clutch :

Fully Automatic

Driveline :

Belt drive

Driving wheel :

Rear wheel drive

Suspension,front/rear :

Dual Inverted Hydraulic/Dual Hydraulic Spring Coil Over Shocks

Brakes,front/rear :

Hydraulic Disc/Mechanical Drum 

Brake operation :


Tires,front/rear :

3.50-10" Aluminum Alloy Rims

Fuel capacity/type :

6.0 L

Weight,N.W :

232 lbs.

Max load :

320 lbs


Wheelbase :

49.21 inches

OA L*W*H :


Seat Height


StorageUnderneath Seat, optional trunk

Warranty: We offer a one year warranty on Motor and frame, and an additional Parts warranty. Warranty is for manufacturer defective parts, not labor, if you have a part that is defective we will give you a replacement part at no charge, you are just responsible for a modest $12 shipping and handling fee. We have live technical support available to our customers free of charge by phone or email with our trained service techs for any questions or help you need. See warranty page for more details.

Some Assembly required: The Bike are completely assembled in the factory and fully tested. Front wheel, Battery, handle bar, and the rearview side mirrors are removed after testing. Item will be shipped in a crate, to assemble, put the above items back on.  Make sure you read and follow the PDI Guide that will be in your email confirmation receipt sent to you after you order.  For safety precautions, be sure to check and tighten all nuts and bolts prior to use. Change your oils and Be sure to check for appropriate engine fluid levels to ensure your vehicle is operating under the recommended conditions prior to use any additional questions, please call our tech support.

**You can have this unit come to you pre-assembled in the crate from the factory, this means that the front wheel, brake, handlebars, etc. will be already pre-installed for you.  Ready to Ride package, will still require you to install mirrors, trunk and battery. 

Remember! You are buying the smart way, factory direct, saving yourself HUNDREDS of dollars compared to a local dealer, so you are responsible for performing the setup that a dealer would normally perform - such as putting on rear view mirrors, hooking up the battery, checking tightness of all nuts and bolts, changing oil, etc. Occasionally some units may need other routine items checked/adjusted such as adjusting the carburetor idle and mixture screws, checking to ensure wires are well connected, adjusting chain slack and alignment, if needed. May we suggest that if you cannot or do not feel you can perform these tasks yourself then any small engine mechanic, (ie. lawnmower repair shop, "Joe's Small Engine Repair") should be able to help you with first time setup (normally only about $40 to $50) and for any future labor needed. Just let them know we have the parts if needed to supply them and We will gladly assist you with any technical questions.

Classifying and Registering Mopeds and Scooters

With motorcycles, it's pretty easy. You register your bike and take off on your merry motorcycle riding way.

However, street legal registration for mopeds and scooters is an extremely gray issue. If you're the owner of a scooter or a moped, check with at least two different DMV agents in your state for how to register your bike. Even DMV agents have difficulty pinpointing whether a moped or scooter requires motorcycle registration, vehicle registration or registration at all.

When it comes to classifying bikes as scooters, mopeds, or even motorcycles, engine size is often the determining factor. To further cloudy the situation, some states have different scooter categories with different registration requirements.

Note, though, that if your moped or scooter is classified as a motorcycle you'll probably face higher registration fees.

Don't rely on a scooter or moped dealer for your state's registration requirements. Contact your DMV. And when you receive an answer, call another DMV agent to confirm. Or better yet, confirm with your local police department or sheriff's department, as they're the ones who will be monitoring you.

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