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Thank you so much for getting back to me so fast and for addressing all of my inquiries. I would like the S&H fee to be charged to a different card. I have filled out the credit card authorization form and attached it below. Please let me know that you receive the form attached and confirmation, shipping, and any other info I will need for records as well as when to expect the battery. Thanks again for taking care of this for me!
- Nicole S. (09/11/17)
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Okay, Thanks. It's not a big deal to us... They're man made, stuff happens Over all we are ( The Kids ) very satisfied with all of the ATVs Guessing they have put around 50-75 hours on the first order since Christmas day.... Youngest daughter age 5 claimed the Mountain 125 yellow as hers and gives it all she can... Yells that she needs to be in the front cause she's faster=.=== Thanks again
- William M. (03/09/17)
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It finally arrived yesterday. Got it put together and it runs great! Thank you
- Rick W. (02/12/17)
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