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Thank you so much for getting back to me so fast and for addressing all of my inquiries. I would like the S&H fee to be charged to a different card. I have filled out the credit card authorization form and attached it below. Please let me know that you receive the form attached and confirmation, shipping, and any other info I will need for records as well as when to expect the battery. Thanks again for taking care of this for me!
- Nicole S. (09/11/17)
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Okay, Thanks. It's not a big deal to us... They're man made, stuff happens Over all we are ( The Kids ) very satisfied with all of the ATVs Guessing they have put around 50-75 hours on the first order since Christmas day.... Youngest daughter age 5 claimed the Mountain 125 yellow as hers and gives it all she can... Yells that she needs to be in the front cause she's faster=.=== Thanks again
- William M. (03/09/17)
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It finally arrived yesterday. Got it put together and it runs great! Thank you
- Rick W. (02/12/17)
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Company Profile
Effective 2004 Tuff We, the owners of Tuff ATVs Inc., are long time motor sports fanatics that grew tired of the expense involved with our pastime. We work diligently to find manufacturers who sell quality as well as affordability. We feel it is our OBLIGATION to share our hard work with the public. Our determination paired with SUPERIOR, reasonably priced products, created a phenomenon. We KNOW SERVICE IS IMPERATIVE, so we've made the decision to hire only trained professionals who are familiar with our products and standards. The result is an outstanding product, affordable prices and GREAT SERVICE.

Reasons to buy from us:
Now we're not trying to bash anyone else, but "IF you got it, flaunt it!" Right?

  1. 12 Gauge Steel Frame
    Don't be fooled by cheap imitations, there is a difference. All Solid machines use a thicker, heavier gauge steel frame, unlike others using 14, 16 (or even 18) gauge steel frames.

  2. Higher Quality Components
    They all may look the same, but don't judge a book by it's cover! It's what's on the inside that counts! All of our machines use higher quality parts, better electrical components, thicker grade wiring, upgraded mufflers/exhausts and Injected ABS Plastic Molded bodies.

  3. Safety Features
    Hey we have kids too and wouldn't sell what we don't ride ourselves - all our youth ATVs come with standard safety controls for the parents including adjustable throttle controls limiting the speed down to SLOW for beginners.

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